I explain Obamacare enrollments to Buzzfeed using Twilight gifs and you won’t believe what happened next!

April 2, 2014


I saw this tweet… Jay Cost should really just quit the prediction making game altogether at this point. http://t.co/sXmksnF14d pic.twitter.com/675Vy2NnxB — Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) April 3, 2014 …and thought about just explaining Obamacare enrollment numbers to dear Andrew, but I realized that wouldn’t do.  So to help out our special friends at Buzzfeed, I will […]

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What the GOP needs is more people telling the GOP what they need

November 8, 2012


…And I believe I can be that person.  Here are the adjustments I think the GOP needs to make: 1.) Drop gay marriage as an issue.  Doesn’t mean you have to approve of it, just say you think it should be decided at the state level – which is what is going to happen anyway. […]

Why I’m voting for Mitt Romney, Part II

November 1, 2012


Dear America, if you don’t re-elect @barackobama, I’m gonna lose my shit. — Adam Levine (@adamlevine) April 26, 2012   You know what makes me lose my shit….     Make him pay.

Why I’m voting for Mitt Romney

November 1, 2012


*I have tried to provide a link for as much of the information as possible so you know it didn’t come from mittromney.com or something* In 2008, I could definitely see the appeal in Barack Obama.  Everything he promised seemed so well-intentioned – even if I didn’t agree with all of it.  The problem, however, […]

Obama’s recovery is the worst recovery of all the recoveries.

October 14, 2012


It has now been over 3 years since the recession ended.  I think that’s enough time that it’s fair to compare Obama’s recovery to previous recoveries.  If you take the first 3 years of every recovery since WWII, the current one ranks dead last.  And it’s not like it’s building up steam, GDP growth has […]

Obama likes to spend more money than he has money

October 2, 2012


Our government likes to spend all of the money and then a bunch of money that isn’t actually there.  It started getting bad about 30 years ago but has just gone bonkers in the past 4 years.  We recently passed $16 Trillion in debt.  Here’s how it breaks down: Source: http://www.treasurydirect.gov $5.7 Trillion for the first […]

Romney’s celebrity endorsement advantage

September 26, 2012


Much is made about the number of celebrities that have endorsed Obama.  But if you dig deeper into the data, it becomes clear that Romney actually has a huge lead in this department.  With Mike Rowe set to appear with Romney today, the advantage is solidified.  Here is a scientific, data-driven analysis of the celebrity […]

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