Mitch Daniels: Sex Machine

Posted on March 27, 2011


Indiana had the 8th highest income growth in the nation last year.  Unemployment is now down to 8.8%, which is lowest in the midwest, and this is with Indiana having fewer state workers than they’ve had since the 1970’s.  Job growth in Indiana is also more than double the rate of the rest of the country.  With this crap, Indiana’s balanced budget and low taxes, it has to be incredibly frustrating for people that irrationally hate Mitch Daniels.  He actually sticks to what conservatives are supposed to do, and when you really want a person and an idea to fail yet they just keep on succeeding, it can be rough.

Hang in there liberals and crazy-ass, Michelle Bachmann-brand tea partiers (note the distinction.  The original Tea Party people are cool, just not the ones that started saying they were the tea party after the Bachmann and Demint types declared themselves the leaders of it ).