Bill Maher again fails miserably at being Rush Limbaugh

Posted on March 29, 2011


If you’re trying desperately to establish yourself as the guy that “goes there”, the trick is to not make it so painfully obvious that you’re trying so desperately hard.  He’s like a living, breathing episode of Family Guy.  If I thought anybody besides myself and maybe my fiancée would be reading this, I would refuse to mention him and give him the publicity.  Luckily, no such conundrum exists.

If you haven’t heard, his latest attempt to “go there” has centered around repeatedly calling Sarah Palin dirty words that mean “vagina”.  Most recently it was the “c word”, which is the word teenagers are most careful not to say around their parents.

You see, Rush Limbaugh creates controversy because he makes it seem like he’s not trying to create controversy.  He’ll throw in something crazy in the middle of a ten minute, unrelated rant.  There’s probably an entire basement full of Media Matters “employees” carefully combing through the transcript of his show every day.  And it’s because he doesn’t run to any camera that will film him to say potty words and then sit there with a “yeah, I said it” look on his face.

So instead of riling people up and getting millions to listen to him, Maher just kind of leaves people with a pitying indifference.

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