And the home of the brave play ball.

Posted on March 31, 2011


“Winter will end with the last eight words of the national anthem, which are, as every real American knows, ‘and the home of the brave play ball’.”

-George Will

Even though the real opening day is tomorrow when the Cubs play, I figured I’d go along with the sham and reveal my predictions for the 2011 season.

1. Starlin Castro, the Miracle Baby, will eat your face.

2. The Kansas City Royals will be competitive in their division, but will not win their division.

3. Derek Jeter will finish the season with a .735 OPS and sports writers will say he deserves the MVP in both leagues due to his leadership.

4. Baseball will be renamed “Starlin Castro”.

5. Trey McNutt, Aaron Kurcz, and Austin Reed will all drink your milkshake.

6. Starlin Castro will have sex with every woman the attends a Cubs game.

7.  The Cubs will win their division this year and win the world series next year.

8. World Series:  Red Sox over the Braves in 6 games.

bon appétit