I would say that Lindsey Graham is an embarrassment to embarrassingly stupid Senators, but we’re at war.

Posted on April 4, 2011


So, unfortunatly, we have this stupid “free speech” thing.  I like it when people are saying things that are great, but there should definitely be some limits when people are saying things I don’t like.  I’m proud to have the backing of Senator Lindsey Graham when it comes to this issue.

He correctly points out that we had rules against certain speech during WWII.  We also put all the Japanese people in a camp.  Little fact: we WON that war.  So I say it’s time to stop coddling our enemy and round up all the arabs living in America.  Right, Lindsey?

We have free speech, so while I could say that Lindsey Graham looks like he isn’t allowed to live in school zones, we’re at war so I won’t.

I could point out how impressive it is that he’s actually the worst Senator from South Carolina, but again, war time.

Keep up the great work Lindsey, you ass.