Paul Ryan wants to try to only spend money we actually have, Democrats bleed from their eyes.

Posted on April 6, 2011


Paul Ryan released his budget.  In it, he attempts to do things like:

*Make entitlements resemble something that is somewhat sustainable.

*Gives states more flexibility with Medicaid.

*End corporate welfare

*Reform personal and corporate taxes – so companies like GE pay more than $0 in taxes.

*Make it so our interest payments on the national debt don’t become 100% of our GDP.

These are all things that make my pants not fit quite as well.  Ryan also recently said that the GOP budget gives the Democrats a political weapon, but they’d have to lie and demagogue in order to use it against them.  They are up for the challenge.

Our dear friend Rep. Van Hollen points out that subsidies to oil companies are what’s really causing our budget deficits (paragraphs 13-14) and that Republicans don’t want to talk about cutting that.  He has a point about subsidies to oil companies.  They don’t need subsidies.  However, that only accounts for about 5-35 billion a year, depending on how much the person you’re listening to is exaggerating.  Plus the fact that Ryan specifically mentioned corporate welfare.  Republicans should address cutting oil subsidies, but it’s about the same thing as some Republicans acting like we can balance the budget by defunding NPR.  Plus, it’s Obama’s buddy, Jeff Immelt, who’s company is paying $0 in taxes.  So it seems that both parties might have a corporate welfare problem.  When a company has 975 highly paid lawyers and accountants to find ways around taxes, it might be time to get rid of the tax code.

Then you have Nancy Pelosi dusting off the “Republicans make old people eat cat food” gem.

Then you have the guys who provide the intellectual firepower for the democrats – guys like Chuck Schumer and Anthony Weiner.  They’ll say something smart, right?  Surely they wouldn’t emo-cut themselves over the idea of only spending $1.59 Trillion more than we have instead of $1.65 Trillion more than we have?  They wouldn’t refer to such insignificant cuts as those as “xtreme” or “nihilistic” would they?  Oh, they would?  Shit.

So yes, they are more than willing to lie and demagogue in order to use this as a political weapon.  But at least we have a free press that will hold them accountable when they lie….Damn it.