Government’s not the problem, YOU are the problem. Part 2

Posted on April 7, 2011


Just in case you were worried about how much those in power suck, fear not.  The problems with our government are not the fault of our government, they’re our fault.

There will probably be a government shut down today.  You might think this has something to do with last year’s congress not passing a budget or the current government not being able to agree to a plan to cover the remainder of the fiscal year.  You. Are. Wrong.  It’s the Tea Party’s fault.  I mean, if you’re going to elect people that want to rape poor people by defunding vital cowboy poetry programs, then who else can you blame?  The political party that had control of the House, Senate, and Presidency last year and still didn’t pass a budget?  Hardly. 

And then there’s the gas prices.  Yesterday, instead of working a budget resolution, Obama scolded us for our choices (when he wasn’t campaigning with Al Sharpton, that is).  The part I’m referring to is at the end where he says, “Like I said, if you’re getting 8 miles a gallon, you may want to think about a trade-in.” (You may not hear this quote again, the AP erased it from their story on Obama’s speech)

Yeah stupid, if you’re driving a…tractor or a brink’s truck, apparently…then stop whining about gas prices and spend $40,000 on a Prius.  What do you expect Obama to do?  Stop investing in deep sea drilling for Brazil and end the offshore drilling moratorium in the US?  You have nobody to blame but yourself if you don’t like how much you’re spending on gas.  Keeping energy prices low is obviously a top priority for Obama.