Fahrenheit 74: The temperature at which obese filmmakers start getting really sweaty

Posted on April 11, 2011


In my dedication, bordering on obsession, to bring you the most breaking of news, I give you this video from March 2nd:

Yes, there is a finite amount of cash.  That’s why it hurts us when rich people have a lot of it.  Everybody remembers reading in their history books about when Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers printed all the dollars that we would have and said, “This is the amount of money there is going to be.  You have this many dollars to work with.”  When situations occur, like when Bill Gates made computers accessible to the average person and made billions of dollars, he wasn’t creating wealth, he was stealing from poor people.  Obviously, people had to suffer in order for him to become rich.  That’s why the 90’s were such a horrible economic time for so many.  Moral of the story:  wealth is not created, it is stolen from poor people.

His other awesome point, that we need to tax these dastardly fiends and take their money.  That’s what’s causing all these deficit and debt problems, we’re letting rich people keep a lot of their money!  The only small hitch I see in this theory is that even if you took every cent of the rich people’s money, that still wouldn’t cover our national budget.  Observe:

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least drastically hike the taxes on the rich, right?  Well, considering the top 1% of earners paid a substantially higher percentage of the tax burden under Reagan than when top tax rates were over 70%…maybe it’s not the answer.  Maybe the only thing attacking rich people does is allows liberals to whip gullible poor people into a frenzy.