Barack Obama: King of the birthers

Posted on April 14, 2011


I can’t deny that I’ve been downright giddy over Donal Trump’s behavior lately.  However, there has been no bigger perpetrator of the birther issue than Obama himself.  He refuses to just put the thing to rest by releasing his full birth certificate (as well as any information, such as his college transcripts, that doesn’t come directly from the multivolume collection of books he has written about how awesome he is), he has spent a large amount of money (reports differ between a few hundred thousand and over two million) in court to keep from releasing his birth certificate, he and his administration bring it up more than anybody, and I have no doubt that he was involved in that extremely sketchy BS with the Hawaiian Governor.  The Governor didn’t know he wouldn’t be allowed to release private documents before he went in front of TV cameras claiming he would end the controversy?

I think there is plenty of evidence that he is a natural born citizen.  The real controversy is that the President of the United States is intentionally trying to marginalize and shame his own citizens.  There’s enough about his past that a reasonable person could want some verification on his birthplace (the fact that he spent a large part of his childhood as a citizen of another country, for example), but instead of reassuring everybody, he intentionally keeps the issue in the news, sits back and lets the media mock anybody who questions him.

Now for why the whole thing with The Donald has me giddy:  In trying to use the issue to marginalize his opponents, Obama has created a monster.  Try as they might, the media cannot shame The Donald.  There’s nothing they can do to hurt Trump – he does. not. care.  People don’t associate Trump with “Republican”, so it’s not hurting them like it would if this was Bachmann.  And trying to shame him over the birther issue is like trying to make a baboon feel embarrassed about his beat-red ass.  Now Obama has a guy with that much money, and that hair, trying to dig up anything he can from his past.   And with the finale of The Apprentice coming up, he’s either going to find something or make it up.  There’s a good chance this does not end well for Obama.

As a side note:  This whole “they’re only questioning his birthplace because he’s black and everybody is a bigoty racist” thing.  Nobody has ever questions white guys that run for President.  I mean, you’d have to go all the way back to that one old guy.  You know, the one that….ran against Obama.  There were others, too, but they were long enough ago that we can pretend it never happened.