Don’t you hate how some people have more than you?

Posted on April 26, 2011


There’s a new study showing how the poor are not, in fact, getting poorer, which goes against the basis of every idea that forms the foundations of liberalism.  Here’s the chart:

So we’re getting a better and better idea what the definition of this “fairness” thing Democrats keep talking about is.  Imagine you have zero tacos.  Somebody comes to you and says, “I can give you a taco, but I’d have to give this other person two tacos.”  You then proceed to flush the tacos down the toilet and everybody starves to death.  That’s fairness according to liberals.  It doesn’t matter if something hurts everybody, just so long as rich people don’t get more.

As the researcher explains, “This isn’t a zero sum game, where one group wins at the expense of others.  The growth in productivity of Americans in the top twenty percent of tax units increased the size of the economic pie sufficiently to register major gains across the entire distribution of after-tax income.”

I realize that flies in the face of the “wealth isn’t created, it’s stolen from poor people” theory of economics that is so popular these days, so I understand if it causes some soul-searching for you.

Read the whole article here:

P.S. From the comments to the article: “Sure the middle class is getting richer. Why, under Bush someone earning $40,000 saw that increase to $49,600, yea!! But someone making $500,000 saw theirs increase to $1,000,000. Thanks to republican voodoo economics the rich got richer and by a relative comparison the middle class got poorer.”

That’s the liberal point of view in a nutshell.  It doesn’t matter how well off you are as long as there are people out there that have more.

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