My impeccable birther analysis

Posted on April 27, 2011

Just wanted to gloat a little bit. 

Who was the genius that said:

“In trying to use the issue to marginalize his opponents, Obama has created a monster.  Try as they might, the media cannot shame The Donald.  There’s nothing they can do to hurt Trump – he does. not. care.  People don’t associate Trump with ‘Republican’, so it’s not hurting them like it would if this was Bachmann.  And trying to shame him over the birther issue is like trying to make a baboon feel embarrassed about his beat-red ass.  Now Obama has a guy with that much money, and that hair, trying to dig up anything he can from his past.   And with the finale of The Apprentice coming up, he’s either going to find something or make it up.  There’s a good chance this does not end well for Obama.”

That was me.  Obama’s strategy of keeping the issue alive clearly started to backfire once Trump got involved.  Why else would he release the birth certificate weeks after Trump brings it up after refusing to for years?  Now Obama has the embarrassment of being outdone by Trump.  I’m very happy this came back to bite Obama. 

P.S. I was also right about Trump lying if he didn’t find anything.