Mitch Daniels: Sex Machine Vol. 5. Plus, some lady on MSNBC is a stupid liar

Posted on May 18, 2011


Some lady has a show on MSNBC and luckily for her, put up a clip of her show so a decent amount of people saw it.  Here’s the clip (she gets to Daniels about 8 minutes in).  She went through every person that considered running for the GOP Presidential nomination and makes pretty much the same joke about all of them.  She also makes fun of Mike Huckabee for praying about the decision.  Good stuff.  Also, notice all the funny voices and faces she makes.  It won’t make you want to cut yourself, I swear.  Also…Props!  Funny!  It’s like she’s trying to be Glenn Beck but she’s not nearly as good of a performer and doesn’t occasionally say funny things.

But anyway, when she gets to Mitch, she starts off talking about him being Budget Director for W. Bush and indicates that that should prove he won’t make a good President.  If being the Budget Director for a couple years when there were big deficits disqualifies you, then shouldn’t that triple disqualify the guy that’s President while deficits are triple what they were under Bush?  In Indiana, where Daniels actually calls the shots, he took a $600m deficit and turned it into a $300m surplus in 1 year.  Obama took big deficits and tripled them.  Advantage Daniels.

No longer content with just drawing terrible conclusions, this lady just start flat-out lying.  Her main beef (if you can make through her getting all the props out and continually reminding you how zany it is) is with Indiana’s recent decision to no longer give tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.  This is true.  She says that 9,000 medicaid recipients in Indiana used Planned Parenthood.  I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume this is true.  She then says, “Those 9,000 people have just been cut off from their preventative maintenance.”  This is a huge lie.

After Daniels signed the bill, he issued the following statement:

Few decisions I’ve made lately have stirred more debate than my signing of HEA 1210. Just before passage, it was amended to prohibit taxpayer dollars from going to organizations including Planned Parenthood which directly perform abortions. I respect the strong feelings of those on opposing sides. Some reached their conclusion based on a mistaken understanding of the facts. My statement about my decision is attached

He included this link.  It shows that every Indiana county that has a Planned Parenthood still has multiple options for medical facilities that accept medicaid patients and offer every medical service that Planned Parenthood provides.  Not only was Daniels respectful about it, he provided clear evidence.  But people like whoever the lady on MSNBC is still insist on spreading blatant lies.

Liberals keep throwing a fit about how there’s no reason to stop giving tax money to Planned Parenthood, because the tax dollars don’t go towards abortions.  A couple of points:

1.) It seems like there are many people who are passionate about Planned Parenthood.  And that’s great.  If all the people who are passionate about it give them a private donations, they’ll be fine.

2.) Tax dollars do not directly fund abortions, however they do enable Planned Parenthood to provide abortions.  When you give a bum money, you may give it to him for food, but quite often that money enables him to buy drugs and alcohol. When Planned Parenthood receives tax dollars, that money is for things like preventative care, but it still enables them to provide abortions.  They may even have separate accounts.  But all of their money goes towards all of their costs.  That money includes tax dollars.

She finished the segment by having some lady with a scalp that made her look like Chucky come on the show and agree with everything she said.