Mitch Daniels: Heartbreak Machine Vol. Forever

Posted on May 23, 2011


With the news that Mitch Daniels will not be running for President, I’ve spent a couple minutes evaluating the field in between listening to my Good Charlotte CD’s and sobbing uncontrollably.  He just…he would have been perfect.  And it’s just…

…When I think about my life
I wonder if I will survive to live to see in 25
Or will I just fall?
Like all my friends, they just keep dying
People ’round me always crying
In this place that I like to call my home

Not everybody knows that everybody goes to a better place
Not everybody knows that everyone could be living their last days
But the hard times will come, and we’ll keep movin’ on, we’re movin’ up
Keep movin’ on

Unfortunately it seems like Chris Christie and Paul Ryan are also serious about not running for President.  Herman Cain seems to have passionate supporters, unfortunately they all seem to be very, very stupid.  He ran a pizza company and he apparently had some good one-liners at the debate.  According to his supporters, his top qualification seems to be that he’s an “outsider”.

A lot of the people that wanted Mitch seem to be going to Jon Huntsman, which I cannot understand.  He is nothing like Mitch.  When he was governor, he drastically increased spending, he was a big proponent of cap and trade, and he said that the stimulus wasn’t big enough.  He seems to be very big on Keynesianism.  No more of that.

I like Gary Johnson, but I’m also realistic.

Tim Pawlenty was in Iowa today and said he would phase out ethanol subsidies.  He said he’ll be going to Florida to talk about reforming Social Security.  My biggest concern with Pawlenty was that he was becoming Romney and just telling people what they want to hear.  Those are not things those people want to hear.  This puts Pawlenty in the lead for the all-important “me” vote.

I’ve heard Rick Perry is privately considering a run.  He seems overwhelmingly douchy…but Texas has been kicking ass.  If he does run, I’ll have to look at him more closely and try not to throw up in my mouth too much.