“We’re all stegosauruses” -Lawrence O’Donnell

Posted on May 25, 2011


Lawrence O’Donnell is the latest socialist to not know what socialism means (by the way, did you see Condoleezza Rice totally pants him a couple of weeks ago?).  The new liberal tactic for causing confusion over how much their ideas suck is to claim that socialism isn’t that bad, everything is socialism.  Socialism isn’t a dirty word anymore.  This is their plan, even though it wasn’t long ago that it was racist to call Obama a socialist.  This is the same thing that some atheists try with the stupid argument that not believing in Zeus makes you a Zeus-atheist, so you see, we’re ALL atheists.

They’ve moved past even trying to win the argument on merit and are just trying to get some bizarre “gotcha”, semantics victory – and they’re not even doing that right.  When that’s the best your side can do, its time to change your philosophy or kill yourself. 

One of their favorite things to do is to point out that things like the fire department are run by the government and say, “LOL, let’s get rid of the fire department, stupid socialists.”  But Socialism is when the government controls the means of production and controls property rights.  It is not the same thing (similarly, “atheism” is the belief that there is no god.  Lower case “g”, any god.  If you believe in any god, you are not an atheist).

They might as well be arguing that we are all mailmen because we get our mail out of the mailbox.

Or that we are all cosmonauts because we’ve all looked a the moon.

Or that we’re all stegosauruses because we all have eyeballs.

But yes, let’s have a concerted effort to make socialism cool.  You know, the system that ends in mass murder and totalitarian governments nearly every time in history that it’s been tried.  Or at the very least it has resulted in an extremely weakened economy and substantially lower standard of living. 

Many liberals will point to Japan as an example of socialism done right.  They’re only partially socialists, but that probably is the most successful example of socialism.  And this golden example of socialism has caused Japan to have an average growth rate of 0.55% since 1980.  For comparison, our growth rate for the first quarter of 2011 was 1.8% and that was not good.  Their national debt is also 225% of their GDP.  For comparison, ours is 92.7% and Greece’s was 130.2%, if you remember seeing them in the news recently.

So socialism done right causes a stagnant economy that’s teetering on default.  Socialism done wrong leads to mass murder and dictatorship.  I would argue it’s not worth the risk.