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Posted on July 6, 2011


Obama once again showed us how cool and tech-savvy he is by using “the internets” to hold a Twitter Town Hall today.  The curators used a question from John Boehner, “where are the jobs?”, that Obama was quick to point out was very unfair and then he proceeded to…wait for it…blame Bush.  Funny thing, the other guy that inherited an economy from George Bush seems to be doing ok.  The other questions weren’t very interesting, or at least Obama didn’t give very interesting answers.  He basically used it as a chance to explain to people that none of this is his fault but that things really aren’t that bad…trust me.  I saw several better questions floating around Twitter today that weren’t used.  Here are a few:

From David Burge of the Iowa Hawk Blog:

If shovel-ready projects create jobs, wouldn’t spoon-ready projects create even more jobs?

Instead of making cars get 62 mpg, why not 62 million mpg? Also, do something about the gravitational constant.

I let my Mexican drug lord license expire. Am I still eligible for the free machine gun program?

When you create jobs, why do always create them for Texas?

How much CO2 is created by a burning straw man?

How come you haven’t made unemployment illegal? #duh

From Herman Cain:

As a mathematician, I’ve got to ask: exactly how did you come up with the jobs “created or saved” number, again? 

From Ari Fleischer

If O thinks ATMs cause job losses in banking sector, does he think twitter causes job losses for pencil makers?

From Jonah Goldberg

When you say “Some say” this and “some say” that, do you ever have actual people in mind or do you just make it up?

Are you enjoying running on a record for the first time in your life?

How come Europe has so many problems when they have precisely the policies you say will fix all of our problems?

From Paul Ryan:

Senate hasn’t passed a budget in 798 days. House passed plan 2 lift debt&spur job creation–what is your jobs plan?

Fearmongering won’t solve our debt crisis. Americans deserve a real debate. You pick: when and where?

And a couple I came up:

How do you plan to fund medicare with the $3b you plan to get from raising taxes on corporate jets?

How exactly do you spend money in the tax code? Do you consider every dollar I’m allowed to keep a dollar you’ve spent on me?

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