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Charts and stuff agree that Romney doesn’t suck *Update with awesomer Romney numbers*

May 20, 2012


*UPDATED 7/6/12* Corrected MA’s job ranking.  It improved from 50th to 28th under Romney, not 50th to 35th.   There is no end to the reasons to vote against Obama, but some people might need some reasons to vote for Romney.  So I took at look at some charts and crap to see how Romney […]

Barack Obama: The First Birther

May 18, 2012


At some point in his adult life, Barack Obama lied and told someone he was born in Kenya.  Everybody with a brain knows he was born in Hawaii, so why did he lie about it?  I guess he thought it would help him get his books published or something.  We’ll never know, because for some […]

BREAKING: There have been other recessions in the history of the world

May 16, 2012


Have you heard the news?!  Obama saved us from another Great Depression.  Also, FDR got us out of the actual Great Depression.  Whatever you do, don’t take 2 seconds to consider the fact that these have been the only two sustained downturns in the US economy in modern history and wonder why that might be. […]

The Obama campaign’s heroic lack of self-awareness

May 15, 2012


In a display of truly heroic lack of self-awareness, the Obama campaign has been claiming that Romney’s proposed tax cuts will add $5 Trillion to the national debt.  Yes, the man that has added more than $5 Trillion to the debt while still in his first term is telling you not to vote for Romney […]

Chill out, spaz. It’s about the economy

May 11, 2012


The election is going to come down to the economy.  Too many people spaz out whenever another topic comes up, but it’s not going to change anything.  Commentators want to credit stupid crap like Sandra Fluke’s magnum condoms to explain changes in the polls. Here is what has happened:  Once the polls returned to normal […]

Coolest President ever…or coolest human being ever?

May 6, 2012


Obama is so cool that I keep having asthma attacks just thinking about it.  I mean, usually once someone becomes President, they stop going on late night tv and other fart shows, but not Obama.  He’s so cool that he’s always going on tv to tell everyone how cool he is.  And one undeniable, universal […]

The “Julia” Budget

May 4, 2012


Obama used his imaginary composite girlfriend to show how many people Mitt Romney wants to murder by not increasing government spending as much as he wants to increase government spending.  But Obama’s budget is still unacceptable.  I am proposing vastly greater increases than Obama, which means however much less he wants to spend is a […]