Charts and stuff agree that Romney doesn’t suck *Update with awesomer Romney numbers*

Posted on May 20, 2012


*UPDATED 7/6/12* Corrected MA’s job ranking.  It improved from 50th to 28th under Romney, not 50th to 35th.


There is no end to the reasons to vote against Obama, but some people might need some reasons to vote for Romney.  So I took at look at some charts and crap to see how Romney did in Massachusetts (he was Governor from 2003-2007)

First, here is the Massachusetts unemployment rate

Overall, dropped from 5.6% to 4.7%.  Part of it, like with our current national unemployment rate, was due to people leaving the workforce.  It wasn’t nearly as drastic – total employment went up under Romney.  Under Obama, the unemployment rate has gone up and total employment has gone down.  Without those leaving the workforce, our current unemployment rate would be close to 11% (it was 7.8% when Obama was inaugurated.  Here is Massachusetts’s  total employment and total unemployment under Romney.

Now, like Obama, Romney was facing job losses as he entered office.  If you count employment like Obama likes to (from it’s worst point forward) total employment rose from about ~3,190,000 to ~3,280,000 (+90,000) and total unemployment fell from ~203,000 to ~157,500 (-46,000).  However, I don’t like analyzing things like a whiny crybaby, so from the beginning of Romney’s term it’s +50,000 total employment and -30,000 unemployed.  By comparison, we’re still down about 500,000 jobs from when Obama came into office.

Of second importance to probably only jobs is income level.  Under Obama, median income is down about $4,300 and real disposable income is down about $1,300.  Here is a look at the per capita income and disposable income in Massachusetts under Romney

Per capita income rose from ~$40,000 to ~$48,000 in Romney’s four years, then rose to $50,000 as he was leaving office.  Disposable personal income went from ~$35,000 to ~$41,000 and continued to rise as he left office.

Now, Romney wasn’t in office during a horrible recession or anything, but Democrats keep talking about how horrible everything was during all of Bush’s Presidency, so I guess Romney found a way around those dire conditions.  It’s not a mind-blowing record, but it’s very, very solid and things were trending down when he came into office.

Obama is going to keep repeating that one stat that Massachusetts was 47th in job creation during Romney’s term, however it improved from 50th in Romney’s first year to 28th in his final year.  So when you look at it honestly, things improved quite a bit under Romney.

In conclusion, Romney’s record doesn’t knock your socks off but it beats the hell out of Obama’s record.

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