The economy sucks and it’s really weird that Yahoo! is going bankrupt

Posted on June 1, 2012


Today we found out that only 69,000 jobs were created in May.  While I get a kick out of any number with “69” in it, this number is awful for the economy.  It’s less than half of what you need to keep up with population growth.  It’s the worst month in a year.  Also, March and April’s job numbers were revised down from already very bad numbers.  The ever-growing number of people “giving up” looking for jobs wasn’t even enough to keep the unemployment rate from going up this month, and it increased to 8.2%.

This all sucks.  Any not-insane person would see this as big news, probably the biggest story of the day.  But here are the big stories according to Yahoo News

So there are 2 stories attacking Romney (talking about his net worth may not exactly be an attack, but it’s one of the main focuses of the Obama campaign for some stupid reason), 2 stories about porn, a story about Marilyn Monroe and a story about a “Diamond jubilee”, but no stories about the job numbers.  They mention the stock market after both Romney stories and one of the porn star stories, but never jobs.  I just can’t understand how Yahoo! is going bankrupt.

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