Comparing Obama to George Washington is just mean

Posted on June 19, 2012


I doubt Obama is in the top 40 coolest Presidents ever, but here’s just a small snippet of Obama vs. George Washington when comes to being cool.  Washington was leading an army of farmers against the most powerful military in the world.  They had been encamped outside of Boston for months, suffering from disease and short on supplies.  This comes from David McCullough’s 1776:

A snowball fight broke out on Harvard Yard between fifty or more backwoods Virginia riflemen and an equal number of sailers from the Marblehead regiment.  The fight quickly turned fierce, with “biting and gouging on the one part, and knockdown on the other part with as much apparent fury as the most deadly enmity could create,” according to Trask.  Hundreds of others rushed to the scene.  Soon more than a thousand men had joined in a furious brawl.  Then Washington arrived:

“With the spring of a deer, he leaped from his saddle, threw the reins of his bridle into the hands of his servant, and rushed into the thickest of the melee, with an iron grip seized two tall, brawny, athletic, savage-looking riflemen by the throat, keeping them at arm’s length, alternating shaking and talking to them.”

Seeing this, the others took flight “at the top of their speed in all directions from the scene of the conflict.”  If Trask’s memory served, the whole row, from start to finish, lasted all of fifteen minutes and nothing more came of it.

Prrrrrretty badass.  Way cooler than this:

Or this: