Nobody will be old after 2024, right? *Updated 8/18/12*

Posted on August 16, 2012


Today Romney brought out a white board and compared his Medicare plan to Obama’s.  Then, the Obama campaign inexplicably released this:

I’ll start with the most glaringly idiotic thing about this: Even in his chart full of overt lies, in his rosiest of possible scenarios, his chosen talking point is that under his plan, Medicare goes bankrupt in 2024.  You say that under Romney’s plan, it goes bankrupt in 2016 and you have no plan that keeps it going past 2024?  I mean, if that’s the best plan you can come up with, whatever.  But why would you brag about that?

Now the other stupid things here:  Apparently “future SAVINGS” is a new codeword for “cuts”.  Kind of like how Obama calls tax hikes “reduced spending in the tax code”.  Here’s what they mean by this – One of the things Obama did so that he could say that Obamacare is “revenue neutral” was to take $716 billion from Medicare spending to use on Obamacare.  He says this $716 billion will just be from “waste and abuse”.  They haven’t specified this “waste and abuse”, that’s just the amount they needed, so that’s what they say there is.  They pulled it out of their ass.

They say there are “no cuts to benefits”.  They do, however, cut payments to doctors and hospitals.  It’s good to know that doctors will now see patients for free and hospitals no longer have to charge for their equipment and treatments.  Medicine doesn’t cost money anymore, either.  Liberals think the world can work this way.  Also, they cut Medicare advantage, which is, ya know…a benefit.

“Premiums and co-payments $500 lower”!  Obama is going to keep giving you MORE free services and you can pay LESS!  Yes, that’s how reality works….at least for the 8 years until it goes bankrupt.

Yes, these are their talking points.  When even your talking points that are overflowing with nonsense sound this bad, you’re in trouble.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention originally the absurdity of saying this $716 billion in Medicare cuts extends the program for 8 years.  This $716 billion is being spent on Obamacare (one of the many ways he manipulated CBO into saying Obamacare reduces the deficit) and it cannot also be put back into Medicare.  And again, he says he’s only cutting “waste and fraud”.  I’m trying to figure out how paying healthcare providers for their services is “fraud” and how Medicare Advantage is “waste”.

UPDATE II: The day after the Obama campaign released the above picture, Jim Messina (Obama’s campaign manager) sent a letter of surrender to the Romney campaign on the Medicare issue.  “Medicare is a winning issue for us, which is why I so desperately want to change the subject” -Smeagol Messina.