This is a fact check, part 2: Government-run GM chose not to keep Janesville plant open when they had the chance

Posted on August 30, 2012


From June 1, 2009:

The Government is in control of GM.

Form June 26, 2009:

The Janesville plant is on the short list to build GM’s “future small car”, however it is not selected.

My heart also goes out to our UAW members in Janesville, Wisc., and Spring Hill, Tenn. Our work will not be complete until all of our members displaced by the shrinking auto industry are returned to work. With today’s announcement, we can begin to restore hope that the worst of the times are behind us.

So the government was in control of GM but Obama allowed the Janesville plant (the plant he said his policies would keep open for 100 years) to close instead of selecting the plant for this project.

Credit: @jfgroves

(This is split off from original FACT CHECK here:

Editorial from Lord Admiral of Facts and Truth Everlasting:

I’m not saying Obama’s policies are directly responsible for the closing of the plant.  However, he is the one that decided to pick winners and losers.  He’s the one that said his policies would keep the plant open 1oo years.  When you decide to pick winners and losers and you make promises, it is fair game to hold you responsible.

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