Visualizing Obama’s Presidency: So much more better off!

Posted on September 4, 2012


This is to help you get a visual of Obama’s Presidency for when he says we’re better off than we were 4 years ago.  Feel free to steal any of these images, as I’ve stolen about half of them.

Obama decided to spend a whole lot more money than we had money.  Here are his deficits per year:

Each year has been 3 times larger the largest deficit we had under George Bush.  He promised to cut the deficit in half.  Here is Obama’s share of our total debt:

Source: US Debt Clock

But spending all that money, we must have gotten a bunch of great stuff for it, right?  Well here’s what happened:

Eww, gross!  Obama SAID that if we passed his trillion dollar Stimulus, we’d be at 5.6% unemployment by now.  He said if we DIDN’T pass it, we’d be all the way up at 6% unemployment.  Here’s what’s happened:

Sick! Gross! Yuck!  But how are things looking for the average family?

Eww! Barf! OMG!  So the average family is making much less money than when Obama came into office.  But I mean, if things have gotten a lot cheaper, then lower incomes won’t hurt so bad.  I’m sure healthcare costs have come way down, right?  I mean we spent all that money and raised all those taxes and added all those regulations – Families are probably making out like bandits, right?

Source: New York Times – Health Insurance Costs Rising Sharply This Year, Study Shows

Weird, after all that talk of out-of-control cost increases, the rate of increase had been moderating for a decade.  Then, the year Obamacare was passed, it spiked.  Curious.  BUT!  Obama always tells us how much he’s saving students and how much more affordable he’s making college.  How much cheaper is it?

Well damn.  How about gas prices?


This just isn’t looking good at all, huh?  We’re much deeper in debt, with fewer jobs, lower incomes, and higher prices.  Damn.