Romney’s celebrity endorsement advantage

Posted on September 26, 2012


Much is made about the number of celebrities that have endorsed Obama.  But if you dig deeper into the data, it becomes clear that Romney actually has a huge lead in this department.  With Mike Rowe set to appear with Romney today, the advantage is solidified.  Here is a scientific, data-driven analysis of the celebrity support battle.

If that isn’t enough, here’s another breakdown:

A guy named “Topher” vs. The Man with No Name, Dirty Harry, Walt – effing – Kowalski.

One more?

But what about bodacious babes?  How does that stack up?

Romney even has an advantage among porn stars:

Obama may have more in total numbers, but if you line up Mike Rowe and Clint Eastwood against every Hollywood endorsement Obama has – Obama’s guys all end up with noogies.  Every. Last. One.


I have embarrassed myself with a glaring omission:


Add Adam Baldwin to Mike Rowe and Clint Eastwood….the noogies would never cease.

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