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What the GOP needs is more people telling the GOP what they need

November 8, 2012


…And I believe I can be that person.  Here are the adjustments I think the GOP needs to make: 1.) Drop gay marriage as an issue.  Doesn’t mean you have to approve of it, just say you think it should be decided at the state level – which is what is going to happen anyway. […]

Why I’m voting for Mitt Romney, Part II

November 1, 2012


Dear America, if you don’t re-elect @barackobama, I’m gonna lose my shit. — Adam Levine (@adamlevine) April 26, 2012   You know what makes me lose my shit….     Make him pay.

Why I’m voting for Mitt Romney

November 1, 2012


*I have tried to provide a link for as much of the information as possible so you know it didn’t come from or something* In 2008, I could definitely see the appeal in Barack Obama.  Everything he promised seemed so well-intentioned – even if I didn’t agree with all of it.  The problem, however, […]