I explain Obamacare enrollments to Buzzfeed using Twilight gifs and you won’t believe what happened next!

Posted on April 2, 2014


I saw this tweet…

…and thought about just explaining Obamacare enrollment numbers to dear Andrew, but I realized that wouldn’t do.  So to help out our special friends at Buzzfeed, I will explain the enrollment numbers using Twilight gifs.  

The Obama Administration and the CBO were all like “We need 7 million people to buy plans through the Obamacare exchange!”



Nobody was buying plans, so the Obama Administration was all “Let’s just count anybody who fills out an application but doesn’t actually purchase a plan.”



And then 6.2 million people were all “Our existing insurance plans got cancelled!”



Yesterday the Obama Administration was all “7 million people have enrolled!”


But only about 80% were all “I’m actually going to purchase the plan”.  So actual enrollments are only around 5.5-6 million.



Instead of trying to get more information, media outlets like Buzzfeed are all “Let’s just report that the Obama Administration achieved their goal.”

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