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Obama is dominating the fat, crazy person vote

April 15, 2011


Obama has won back his base with his deficit speech.  Congratulations Mr. President, you are completely in-step with the guy that… …wants to rip out Dick Cheney’s heart …when teased by Jon Stewart about being loud, said, “So…Jon Stewart thinks I’m too loud…o.k. big guy…I’ll stay quiet if they ship your ass to China.” …wants […]

Fahrenheit 74: The temperature at which obese filmmakers start getting really sweaty

April 11, 2011


In my dedication, bordering on obsession, to bring you the most breaking of news, I give you this video from March 2nd: Yes, there is a finite amount of cash.  That’s why it hurts us when rich people have a lot of it.  Everybody remembers reading in their history books about when Alexander Hamilton, James […]