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Obama likes to spend more money than he has money

October 2, 2012


Our government likes to spend all of the money and then a bunch of money that isn’t actually there.  It started getting bad about 30 years ago but has just gone bonkers in the past 4 years.  We recently passed $16 Trillion in debt.  Here’s how it breaks down: Source: $5.7 Trillion for the first […]

I guess somebody forgot to tell all these healthcare companies about Obamacare

September 25, 2012


This is really bizarre.  In 2008, Obama said he would lower healthcare premiums by $2,500 a year for the average family. Then, we passed Obamacare.  He told us it would cost $900 billion over 10 years, but now the CBO tells us it will cost $2.6 trillion over 10 years.  Damn, if it’s going to […]